Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (December 16, 2014)

Here are our pastor’s latest blog posts: Should Someone Have The Responsibility of Getting Others to Worship? “A Traditional Church Will Die!” Here’s Jess’s latest blog post: I am Just a White Mom “The (On-Going) Talk” (Talking With Your Kids About Sex, From Ages 2-5) Are You Ignoring Your Mommy Radar? Don’t Do It To […]

Scientific Discoveries “Puzzle” Scientists, Bible Clarifies God’s Purposes

Scientists Discover an Invisible Shield Protecting Earth This recently discovered phenomenon is “puzzling” to the scientists credited with finding it, but the Bible tells us otherwise. Psalm 8, verse 3 and 4, urge us to consider the works of God’s hands, letting that point to the wonder that He cares for us at all: 3 When I […]

Compassion without Compromise; Engagement without Exchange

There’s a number of things that are simply backwards, upside-down – flat-out wrong about this situation. I’m not sure how to say this other than this is now a “1984” world where words don’t mean what they have always meant; a world where people can simply state what they want to be despite biological realities. To […]

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (December 3, 2014)

Here’s our pastor’s latest blog posts: Nagging Your Husband Can Kill Him? Six Reasons to Avoid Divisive People – Part 1 Six Reasons to Avoid Divisive People – Part 2 Here’s Jess’s latest blog post: Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep? Are You? “The (On-Going) Talk” (Talking With Your Kids About Sex, From Birth to […]

Counsel for the Disgruntled, Discouraged, or Discontent (Psalm 33 – Part 2)

Read Part 1 by clicking here I read Psalm 33 the other day as I was pondering material for a devotional at a church luncheon. Several things stuck out to me, especially in this season where Thanksgiving is fresh on our minds.   Considering the angst in the general public regarding our President’s executive order on immigration, […]



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