Counsel for the Disgruntled, Discouraged, or Discontent (Psalm 33 – Part 1)

I read Psalm 33 the other day as I was pondering material for a devotional at a church luncheon.┬áSeveral things stuck out to me, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner. Considering the angst in the general public regarding our President’s executive order on immigration, I’m compelled to share these thoughts with you. […]

Knowledge: Characteristics of a Godly Man (“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – Part 15)

“The first fundamental sign is that a godly man is a man of knowledge…Waters cannot go beyond their spring-head. Vapours cannot rise higher than the sun draws them. A natural man cannot act above his sphere; he is no more able to judge sacred things aright than a blind man is to judge colours [sic] […]

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (November 18, 2014)

Here are our pastor’s latest blog posts: Part 1 – Know Why You Believe…And Defend Your Beliefs Humbly and Respectfully Part 2 – Know Why You Believe…Or Don’t Try to Defend Your Beliefs Here’s Jess’s latest blog post: Unprepared for Motherhood: Thanks, Feminism! “Make No Provision” For Your Yelling Is it Biblical to Teach Our […]

Hypocrites Pretend Godliness (“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – Part 14)

“Christian, if you mourn for hypocrisy, yet find this sin so potent that you cannot get the mastery of it, go to Christ. Beg of him that he would exercise his kingly office in your soul, that he would subdue this sin, and put it under the yoke. Beg of Christ to exercise his spiritual […]

Pretending Godliness is Vain (“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – Part 13)

“Will painted gold enrich a man? Will painted wine refresh him who is thirsty? Will the paint of godliness stand you in any stead? How were the foolish virgins better for their ‘blazing lamps’, when they had no oil? What is the lamp of profession without the oil of grace? He who has only a […]



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