Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (July 3, 2015)

Here are some great articles and resources I found for you this last week: 26 Ways to “Provoke the 1 Peter 3:15 Question” At Work by J.D. Greear Video: Same-Sex Opponent: Conservative Beliefs Need to Be Respected (Russell Moore, on CBS’s Face The Nation) Parenting in a Gay-Marriage World: What Should Christian Parents Do? by Greg Gibson

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (June 27, 2015; (so-called) Same-Sex Marriage/Supreme Court edition)

Here’e some key resources for this special edition of recommended reading, on the occasion of the Supreme Court’s ruling on (so-called) same-sex marriage: Why the Church Should Neither Cave Nor Panic About the Decision on Gay Marriage by Russell Moore  Let’s also recognize that if we’re right about marriage, and I believe we are, many […]

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (June 26, 2015)

Here are some great articles and resources I found for you this last week: How to Read More Books by Erik Raymond If you’re stuck and not sure hoe to get started reading more books, more intentionally, this is a great read that will spur some good ideas. Do Men Mother? by Kevin DeYoung  This is an […]

Exiles Need a Certain Type of Leader: Eldership in 1 Peter 5:1-5

RESOURCES: Here’s the link to the sermon audio. Here’s my sermon manuscript: Exiles Need A Certain Type of Leader _ final manuscript _ 052415 _ 1 Peter 5.1_5. Here’s the bulletin insert for your notes: Bulletin insert _ 052415 _ 1 Peter 5.1_5 Here’s the special insert for your reference: May 24_Special Insert_What is an elder_

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (December 16, 2014)

Here are our pastor’s latest blog posts: Should Someone Have The Responsibility of Getting Others to Worship? “A Traditional Church Will Die!” Here’s Jess’s latest blog post: I am Just a White Mom “The (On-Going) Talk” (Talking With Your Kids About Sex, From Ages 2-5) Are You Ignoring Your Mommy Radar? Don’t Do It To […]



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