Pretending Godliness is Self-Delusion (“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – Part 11)

“He who has counterfeit gold instead of true, wrongs himself most. The hypocrite deceives others while he lives, but deceives himself when he dies.” (Chapter 3, p. 16)  

“I can’t afford to give!” And other commonly-heard objections to giving

If you’ve not read “What Does Grace Have to do With Giving?” CLICK HERE to read that article, first. Commonly-heard Objections to Scriptural Commands to Give I could hear the objections in my head already, when I started writing about giving in that first article – some were lazy arguments or just plain-not-true: “I can’t afford to […]

Pretending Godliness is a Sin (“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – Part 10)

“The man who is a pretender to saintship, but whose heart tells him he has nothing but the name, carries Christ in his Bible but not in his heart.” (Chapter 3, p. 16)  

Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (October 14, 2014)

Here are our pastor’s latest blog posts: Be Filled With The Spirit – Part III: It Doesn’t Mean Being Baptized With the Spirit Be Filled With The Spirit – Part IV: It Doesn’t Mean Experiencing Something Emotionally Holiness is not Contagious – Part I Holiness is not Contagious – Part II Here are Jess’s latest […]

What does grace have to do with giving?

About a year ago, I wrote on sacrificial giving – click here to read that article, first.    What comes first, attitude or obedience? Our attitude in giving (an act of worship) determines whether or not it is truly worship. Obedience in giving – to give to God our first fruits, to mimic the attitudes of the […]



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