Jesus is Our Shepherd


Reading through the Psalms can compel us to think of the trials and struggles we’ve experienced in our lives, and that is good. We need these reminders of all that God has brought us through- they give us hope. After what has been our 14th move in 13 years of marriage, it’s meaningful to remember that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and has faithfully led us this far. Like those who wrote the Psalms, Jess and I are reminding one another of God’s faithfulness in times past, and trying to actively take note of all the things He’s doing in the here and now.

     God has been very good to us. Since our arrival about 10 days ago to serve as Associate Pastor at Woodland Christian Church, our cups are running over with blessings, as David says in Psalm 23:5. (Thankfully, unlike David who saw God’s goodness to him while in the presence of his enemies, God has led us to a new church family and dozens of new friends – he has richly blessed us through the warm welcome we have received here.)

     We are thankful for a temporary home in the basement of the parsonage and for a few very clear “no”s on the housing front that are not the right fit for us. We know God has a place for us – it’s simply a matter of time.

     It was such a blessing to have so much help unloading our moving truck and on one day last week we even had two surprise visits from new friends bearing gifts of free food!

     It’s encouraging to us that His goodness and mercy follows us all our days (Psalm 23:6). In the midst of moving, it is good for us to remember that we will, at the right time, make it to our permanent home – our heavenly home. Then we will be able to rightly see the trail of God’s goodness and mercy in our lives.

     We are grateful for the opportunity to follow Jesus with our new church family here in Woodland, WA, and for the opportunities to serve and care for them as we do.

Now, what do you think?

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