Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (April 14, 2014)

Periodically, I read great articles that I’ll recommend for your own review and reading.* I pray that they’ll be helpful and instructive for you and your family, in your own spiritual growth. I welcome feedback and comments, questions, or concerns. Please email me directly or call or drop-by the office. I would absolutely love the opportunity to listen to you and how God is currently at-work in your life. Thanks, in advance, for doing so; I look forward to the opportunities to get to know you all better.

Here is our pastor’s latest post; read it and be exhorted to obey the commands of Scripture regarding issues and grievances we have with each other.

To start, here is my wife, Jessica’s, latest post on her blog; it addresses the choice we all face each and every day, several times each day.


Here are the other great articles and resources I found and collected this last week:

– Paul David Tripp addresses the essence of Christianity.

– Be encouraged and challenged by this father’s letter to his son; the lessons he has learned regarding grace, love, and raising a son with a disability will challenge and edify you.

– As Pastor Scott has been preaching through Luke 5 and Jesus’ teaching on fasting, he has emphasized the importance of considering how often Scripture addresses a topic, doctrine, or issue. Pastor Scott is spot-on; it is important for us to understand what Scripture says and how often it says it, as we apply it to our lives. This is a helpful and instructive article from Desiring God Ministries on this topic.

– And another from Desiring God, reminds me that this Wednesday night, April 16, at 7 PM, we’ll celebrate Passion Week with our Annual Mid-Week Passion Service. Three of our young men will teach from John 15. Two more will pick-up the thread, Friday night, at 7 PM, during our Good Friday Program. It is a blessing to our church that there are young men who are willing to devote themselves to study and who are eager to teach, but at the same time who are also willing to submit themselves to the authorities God has given our church and learn from them the task of expository teaching. Come on out this Wednesday and Friday evening, and read this article about the need to raise up the next generation of spiritual leaders. Pray for these young men and ask God to help the leadership that is in place to be wise and discerning, as we seek to disciple those young men God may be calling into spiritual leadership.

And lastly, this past week was the every-other-year Together for the Gospel conference. Click here to read more about what it is and its founders and its purpose.

  • This year’s theme was “Unashamed: Considering the Task of Evangelism”. I’ve only listened to two sessions so far, but they are both excellent and I would recommend John MacArthur’s session and John Piper’s too (so far 🙂

These types of things are a great way to redeem your time on your long commute, or as you hand-wash dishes, or iron the clothes, or mow your lawn. Check them out! Let me know which types of things like this you listen to – I’m always on the look-out for Biblical content like these to listen to myself, and to pass along to others.

I would particularly recommend John Piper’s session. The way he lays out Paul’s argument in Romans chapter 9, by delineating Paul’s own interpretation and application of the story of Abraham and God’s promise of an heir (see Genesis 15-18, and Genesis 21) is extremely helpful in coming to grips with the doctrine of election. He ties the promises of chapter 8 – promises we hold dear, like verses 28-29 – to the promise-maker – the God who wills and works in our lives and relies not on man’s efforts, but on His own good purposes.

It’s the best exposition and explanation of what is probably one of the most-difficult-to-accept passages in the entire bible. You can follow the link below to be taken to a site where you can download the audio. On that same page is a link to another site ( where you can stream the video for free.

John MacArthur’s session (the only other one I’ve listened to and can recommend so far, though knowing the other men who spoke I’m eager to listen to all of them) addresses the assumption we too quickly make when looking around in our churches. Unfortunately, we assume that everyone in attendance is a believer – that everyone understands the good news about Jesus Christ and has fully submitted their lives to His Lordship. Listen and be challenged to examine your own faith and to not take the gospel for granted.


*These recommendations are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Woodland Christian Church. I really would love to sit down and listen to your feedback: questions, comments, and concerns. Please email me, directly, and I’ll make time soon to listen to you, and to study and discuss with you. Thank you, in advance, for your feedback. You may also post comments below.

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