Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading (May 6, 2014)

This last Sunday, our pastor gave the best and clearest explanation of the old and new covenants that I have ever heard. Here is a follow-up article from his blog.
Here is my wife, Jessica’s, latest post on her blog: 4 Questions to Help You Evaluate Parenting Advice.
Here are the other great articles and resources I found and collected this last week:

– Prayer should be engaged at all times, not just when we are struggling or have a need. This article from Erik Raymond is a good reminder of the importance of prayer in our lives regarding sin and its presence or absence.

– And another from Erik Raymond: in this article he shares how God gets his attention and why God would even do so. How does God get your attention?

– 6 types of grace by Paul David Tripp – this is a helpful article on different types of grace that occur in your life.

– Do you wonder if your child is saved? This article is a helpful listing of signs your child may not be saved. As the author points out, there are exceptions to each of these points, therefore this should be regarded as a subjective guide.

Now, what do you think?

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