1 Peter: Hopeful Exiles – Part 3 Notes

Inhospitable Bafa lake where Ethan saw the snake.jpg (1x2) Here are the notes for part 3 in our series on 1 Peter; you can download the audio sermon for part one, here, and the notes for part 2 here.

NOTE: This time I used Scapple (an app from the makers of Scrivener (which Jess & I both use for writing)) for organizing my notes for teaching. I really liked using it for organization; I’m not sure yet what I think about using it while actually teaching.

Feel free to download them for your own study or to share with others*.

1 Peter 1:8-12 (Scapple)

1 Peter 1:8-12 (Word-doc-style)

*Please do not alter their content in any way; permission to reproduce these notes and make copies for your own teaching purposes will be granted, but we do request that you send your request to pastordoug@woodlandchristianchurch.net. Thank you and may God bless the teaching of His Word!

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