As Pastors, What is it that We Have to Offer?

As a pastor, I must be careful to present the new life in Christ God has called me to present. I have to be careful to not just present more of what people already have: belonging, preferences, status, position, possessions, rights, privileges, benefits, etc.

Jonathan Leeman says, in The Church and The Surprising Offense of God’s Love, 

“…new life doesn’t come when people are offered what they already want. Giving people what they want simply confirms the old life. People acquire a new life by being told that the old life has to die and new things must be desired.” (p.162)

New life is received by grace, through faith, so that we can do the good things God has prepared for us from before the beginning of the world. We must submit our desires, dreams, agendas, and plans to God, via the local church – the very bride He is preparing for His Son, the bridegroom – in order to experience the fullest pleasures of the spiritual fruit he desires to reap in our lives.


Now, what do you think?

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