Pastor Doug’s Recommended Reading – July 1, 2014

Here’s our pastor’s latest blog post: 

Here’s a link to a series of posts on Proverbs 31, my wife Jessica, wrote on her blog recently:
Here are the other great articles and resources I found and collected this last week:

– Heard the name Mark Dever? Wondered who he is? This is a great, insightful article into the ministry of this pastor and his church, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, in Washington, D.C.

– When Enemies Become Friends

– This is spot-on: all leaders share a common experience – suffering. The Bible teaches us that one of the purposes of trials and suffering is to refine, or improve, our faith. Read this article and gain insight into suffering in your own life and God has used it to improve your ability to lead, or influence, others.

– Male friendships are misunderstood in the eyes of the world. The wonderful truth is that, in Christ and according to God’s Word, they are one of the ways God makes us more like his Son, Jesus. This article hits the nail on the head; here’s a quote:

“Satan has stolen David-and-Jonathan relationships from us, brothers in Christ. What will you do about it? To love another man as your own soul (1 Sam. 18:1) is not homosexual love; it is the love of Christ. It is a true willingness to lay down your life for your brothers (1 John 3:16). We must build these kinds of relationships with one another: men who truly love other men.”


Now, what do you think?

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