“The Godly Man’s Picture” by Thomas Watson – ‘What is godliness?’ (Part 5)

“Godliness is a real thing…It is not a fantasy but a fact. Godliness is not the feverish conceit of a sick brain; a Christian is no enthusiast…Godliness has truth for its foundation…If God is true, then godliness is true.” (Chapter 2, p.12)

There is a balance to strike between godly fervor and self-control. Others should be able to sense our love for the Lord – our godliness; it should be palpable. The danger though is in being swept away by our emotions and feelings into a disorderly demeanor or behavior.

So, then, be godly; let others sense it in your demeanor, actions, and words, but remain firm and self-disciplined with God’s word (not the temporary circumstance of your emotions and feelings) as your only firm foundation.

Now, what do you think?

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