Why vegan protestors 30 minutes outside of Portland are (probably) wasting their time

In Wendell Berry’s latest, The Art of Loading Brush, he cites an example of how a local populace in western Kansas was effective in preventing the construction of a new power plant. Whatever each individual person’s political opinion may have been about “climate change”, it didn’t come to that since they were all against it in the first place. To have brought up “climate change” would have probably divided the local populace.

He says, on p.76,

“…local opposition to a local threat has been effective in itself, and more effective because only local opposition can legitimate opposition from elsewhere.”

And so this makes me wonder just how effective the vegan protestors standing at one of our town’s 2 off-ramps have really been. In a small town of roughly 5-7K, with a meat-packing plant, a handful of burger places, and a few more where steak is on the menu, it seems like their chances of success were slim.

Perhaps, their goal was simply ‘awareness’. That’s possible, I suppose. I find it puzzling, nevertheless, that someone decided to protest the butchering of beef in such a place. Seems like they’d have more success half an hour back to the south (in Portland.)

Now, what do you think?

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