What one pastor read last week (03.05 – 03.11.18)

(for the rationale, see the note at the bottom)

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Last week, for Acts: “…to the end of the earth.” (Sunday School), I read from the following book(s) and came across these insights:
  • A Theology of Luke and Acts: God’s Promised Program, Realized for All Nations by Darrell L. Bock (from the “Biblical Theology of the New Testament” series)
    • 13 pages
    • ***NOTE the absence of the term “ekklesia” in this passage
      • Yet the (“church”) does gather around 4 activities
        • the apostles teaching,
        • fellowship,
        • the breaking of bread, and
        • prayer
      • In Acts 2, at the end, they are still gathering in the temple and thus not totally as a distinct and separate group yet (v. 46)
  • Did the Early Church Baptize Infants by Kurt Aland
    • pp. 44-57
      • Aland points out that Origen’s defense of infant baptism (3rd c.) proves that some people were not baptizing infants. It thus stands (Aland contends) that the plausibility remains that infant baptism was not an apostolic practice, after all.
      • This whole section and the next 5-6 pages that I read a few days later contained strong evidence that Jeremias went too far in his analysis and interpreation of the early church fathers, as he attempted to justify the practice of baptizing infants.
  • Church Basics: Understanding the Lord’s Supper by Bobby Jamieson (from the “Church Basics” series from 9Marks)
    • pp. 1-30
      • “By celebrating the Passover with his disciples, Jesus turns friends into family.”

      • Jamieson highlights a point of discontinuity between the Old and the New: in the Old Covenant, a family celebrated the Passover together. Under the New Covenant, friends get to celebrate together – it is no longer only as families.
      • Read a review of this series by clicking HERE
For study in 2 Peter (current sermon series), I read from the following book(s) and came across these insights:
General reading for work as a pastor:

***denotes future article forthcoming


  • Gonna’ try to start keeping an online record of my reading for work. This will: 1) show others the types of things they could be reading, too; 2) will help me keep a searchable record of the topics I read about, and 3) help me start generating article ideas. I need to become a better writer. In the past, when inspiration has hit (to write more frequently) I often don’t have more than one idea at a time. This will help me keep a longer list of things I need to write about. Lastly, the frequency of questions from people (in the church) has increased in the last year and this approach will help me collect my thoughts in one place.

Now, what do you think?

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