April Fool’s on Easter? Providential

Easter on April Fool’s Day – not an unfortunate occurrence:

It reminds me that we are, fools (1 Cor. 4:10) for:

  • believing a previously-dead man, is our risen Savior, and that through his blood we are reconciled to God, through faith (received by grace), and
  • believing this same previously-dead man, will return one day to get us, and take us to where he is, and
  • believing this very same previously-dead man, will ride in on a white horse, in the sky, with the armies of heaven to judge the ungodly, and
  • believing this same previously-dead man – the Lion of Judah – is also the Lamb who was slain, and is worthy of all praise and honor and glory, forever and ever, and is the same previously-dead man before whom every single tongue will confess (Christian, AND non-Christian) he – Jesus Christ – is Lord, to the glory of God, His Father.

If I be a fool for believing in the Resurrection, so be it. I believe, by God’s grace, that Jesus rose from the dead!

I could go, and on. Your turn, though: what else do we do – out of a desire to glorify God and exalt his son, Jesus – that the world regards as foolish?

2 thoughts on “April Fool’s on Easter? Providential

  1. Trusting that the Lord will deliver us from difficult situations rather than insisting on being totally in charge. That’s seems foolish.


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