Gospel Reminder for Isaiah 1:6-8 – Sin Affects All Parts (Indictments and Hope – Isaiah 1)

The Gospel Reminder for Sin Affects All Parts: Isaiah 1:6-8

Though my condition – in my sinful nature – was completely desperate, God chose me as his own possession, according to the riches of his mercy.

The Gospel reminds me that I am made whole through the reconciling power of Christ’s blood. It is not a spouse who makes me whole. It is not a therapist or a certain type of behavior modification that brings healing into my life. It is not the persistence, even, of my own faith, and it is not up to how badly I want it.

The power of the Gospel reminds me that it is faith that brings me what I need. The power of the Gospel itself is seen in how much is done for me in exchange for seemingly so little. I can’t pay God enough for it in the first place, nor could I ever pay him back for it after the fact.


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