The Lord of Hosts Leaves Some Alive – Isaiah 1:9

Isaiah 1:9

If the Lord of hosts

had not left us a few survivors,

we should have been like Sodom,

and become like Gomorrah.

Rather than complete destruction, the Lord left a few people living.

Though Judah was sinful from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet, and from the deepest part of their inner beings, “the Lord of hosts” left some of them alive.

Don’t let it breeze past you: it was “the Lord of hosts” who left survivors. This means it was not their own:

  • ingenuity, or prudence, to be able to plan ahead and thus withstand God’s judgment;
  • well-purchased and planned provisions and defenses that allowed them to hold-out against God’s wrath.

Neither was their survival attributed to their own:

  • love for God that earned them a place of protection;
  • desire to worship God, according to his law and commands, that afforded them refuge from his anger against their sin.

The only one to whom “a few survivors”  can be attributed is the “the Lord of hosts”The One who commands angel armies for the purpose of judging sinners, is also the One who – for his own will and purpose – leaves some of Judah alive.

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