I’ve been so blessed to work with a number of amazing men & women in my career, thus far.  Everything God has led us through has been for His glory; I can also see how (in specific ways) God has used us to further His mission overseas and to add to the ministry right here in the U.S.  

In no particular order, here’s a listing of recommendations regarding me & my work:

“I had the privilege of working with Doug while I was with Manas Development Group, an international organization helping to get small businesses off the ground in international contexts. I was working with Doug who was helping to get a coffee business (Coffee Haus Roasting Co) off the ground in Istanbul, Turkey.

Throughout my time working with Doug, I was continually impressed by Doug’s work ethic. He had the drive to win, and the right sense of responsibility for his company and the work that he was doing. Doug also had a continued desire to serve the people and community around him. As a foreigner in Turkey, Doug wanted to learn the local language and culture to best interact with employees, partners, and customers. Doug is a lifetime “learner”, always seeking to improve his skills so that he can better serve those around him. He was always willing to do what it takes to make things happen and to achieve success. He did not shy away from putting in the extra effort and enduring pain for the success of his company and for his own growth as an individual.

Doug brought significant operational improvements to Coffee Haus, enhancing workflow efficiency, staff management, compliance, supply chain efficiencies, etc. He attacked every challenge with vigor and was always motivated to achieve success. He responded very well to constructive feedback and through his efforts, helped to turn around the struggling business.”

Brian Fujito

Co-Founder & CTO, Tios Capital, Former CTO,


“Doug stepped into a difficult situation at Coffee Haus. He brought Coffee Haus into compliance with local laws, helped expand production, and met budget. Doug was diligent and faithful. He was a valuable component of Coffee Haus’ success.”

– Jim T.


“I worked with Doug for several years in support of Coffee Haus. During this time I was impressed with his commitment to excellence and willingness to do the hard work necessary to succeed. Despite the many challenges of doing business internationally, Mr. Connell skillfully managed virtually all aspects of a dynamic small business.

“Doug is entrepreneurial and willing to take risks. He won’t let roadblocks remain in his way but is eager to solve complex problems. As an articulate leader, he knows how to manage people and help those under him succeed.

Brandon O’Malley

JAG Attorney, USAF


“I had the opportunity to observe the integrity with which Doug did his work. He was very concerned both that the product be excellent and that the company abide by the legal requirements of the host country (which was no small task!). Doug will work hard and do the job right the first time. He would be an asset to any company.”

Peter Hess

Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Williamsburg, VA


“I visited Doug at Coffee Haus in the summer of 2009 and I later sent three of my business students to work with him in Istanbul as interns. Doug also worked with a team of our computer science interns in developing a website. I can recommend Doug as a competent manager, a good listener, and a passionate salesman of his product. Doug cares greatly about the quality of his company’s product and leaving a good impression on customers. He seemed very eager to acquire whatever tools and skills were necessary for his business to run more efficiently. I think Doug’s tireless work ethic will add great value to any company fortunate enough to hire him.”

Justin Tapp

Economics Course Facilitator for Western Kentucky Technical Community College


“Doug’s attention to detail and systems helped turned Coffee Haus Roasting Company from a struggling business into a success. I would trust Doug with all my accounting and computing details. Doug also has a servant heart and continually works outside his job description as needed.”

– Scott P.


“Doug has done an outstanding work at Coffee Haus. He took over a company managed by my partner and me, turning it into a profitable company with increasing market share. His caring treatment of both customer’s and employees reflects his true character. I would recommend Coffee Haus because of Doug’s personal involvement.”

Darrell Blaine

Pastor & Teacher, Central Baptist, Lawton, OK


“Coffee Haus coffee is the best and freshest coffee I have ever tasted. Under Doug’s leadership the Coffee Haus team always provided a high quality product and excellent service.”

– Peter M.


“Doug is a conscientious and careful manager who leads well. His wise and insightful decisions and advice make him a valuable asset to any company he is connected with.”

– Kevin B.


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