Gospel Reminder for Isaiah 1:9 – The Lord of Hosts Leaves Some Alive (Indictments and Hope – Isaiah 1)

The Gospel Reminder for The Lord of Hosts Leaves Some Alive: Isaiah 1:9

“The Lord of Hosts”, as one of God’s names, reminds me that I am no longer God’s enemy. Why am I no longer God’s enemy? I am no longer God’s enemy because of my faith in his son, Jesus Christ, and what Jesus did for me on the cross. My faith has justified me before God. Not only do I get to have Jesus take my sins upon himself, but through faith, I also get to have Jesus’ righteousness as my own.

When I stand – one day – before Jesus seated on his judgment seat (Rom. 14:10, 2 Cor. 5:10) – I will stand there as one who – by God’s amazing grace – has the righteousness of Jesus himself accredited to my account. In this moment – only made possible by our Trinitarian God’s work in saving me – I get to stand there as one whose Savior is also the Judge. What amazing grace indeed!!

The gospel reminds me that “The Lord of Hosts” is also the judge who – seated on his bema – will reward believers for the work that they have done (1 Cor. 3:12-15). The gospel reminds me that “The Lord of Hosts” – the commander of heaven’s armies – can bring them to bear against his enemies, and also on behalf of his people.